Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Another Meth story for Idaho

I love this a local news station has been doing some interesting stories on Meth use in Idaho, Here is another sad effect of this drug.

Meth blamed for increase in foster children

09:29 AM MST on Monday, March 6, 2006

Associated Press

COEUR D'ALENE -- State officials say that methamphetamine use is responsible for the increasing number of foster children in Idaho.

About 40 percent more children are in foster care due to abuse and neglect than four years ago.

A spokesman for the state health department says that in some areas, almost 80 percent of foster cases are connected to substance abuse.

Cities and lawmakers are drafting rules to be tougher on meth users and producers.

A proposal in the Legislature would put pregnant women in jail for using meth and other illegal drugs.


  1. I feel sorry for the kids in this situation. They didn\'t ask to be born
    and they didn\'t ask to have parents who are losers. JMHO. Very
    interesting, though that it\'s like this in Idaho.  Take care!

  2. From Squee\'s roommate:
    It\'s nice to see this problem getting wider notice.  Our local paper ran a series of articles on the social effects of meth last year, and there are a few billboards on my way down to work pointing out the problems (I think they\'re still there, anyway).  Aside from the obvious problems, the aftermath of meth abuse range far and wide.  I work in family law and have noticed that most of my cases involving substance abuse involve meth.  Most of my cases involving domestic violence involve meth.  All of my adoption and guardianship cases have involved meth.  The people who suffer most are the kids, who often feel that their parents care more about the drug and a fix than they care about their children (which is usually the case).
    If ever there was a war on drugs, this is it, and we\'re being attacked at home.  Good, solid, hardworking people can help by being professionals dealing with the issue (law enforcement, cousnelors, attorneys, etc.), by donating to organizations (instead of panhandlers) that address the problem, and by living as an example instead of passing useless judgment and moving on with our day.  Funny thing is, this is the best way to address any social problem.  Maybe by dealing individually with this issue, we can affect further change in others.
    Thanks to the officers who deal firsthand with users, and congrats to users who\'ve kicked the drug.  You\'re out there and I\'ve met you, and you are recognized.
    Squee Wannabe

  3. Mike,  You were not the one to spur on anything.  I enjoy
    your blog and I leave comments when I feel they are beneficial. 
    You were an innocent bystander as someone carelessly took something I
    said on your blog, turned my comments around, & manipulated it into
    their blog for their own comments.  I didn\'t appreciate what they
    did, but NO, it wasn\'t you at all.  You didn\'t spark
    anything.  Sorry you got stuck in the middle.  Take care!

  4. The kids really are the ones to suffer.  But we also really need the courts to be tougher.  My old hometown in the middle of Iowa was once labeled "Meth Capitol" nice huh!!!  The county courthouse there used to slap them on the wrist and turn them loose, with barely any jail time.
    My old job was reading gas meters and had some in basements.  Well one day as I went down the stairs through the outside trap door, I noticed all kinds of stuff on the ground.  From having friends that are either police officer\'s or DeputiesI knew immedietly it was the ingredients, bottles, tubes, etc. for manufacturing, but weren\'t making it then.   Thankfully no one was home, I hate even thinking what could have happened had they caught me in there.  I went straight to my deputy friend\'s house and told him what I saw.  To make the story somewhat short, they got the warrent and raided the house that night.  They had 4 working meth labs going in that house which is well under 1000sf, and had a 3 year old in the house at the time.  DHS took the child that night, the husband & wife were arrested, but out the next day, and 3 days later the child was released back to them.   That\'s what sucks, no one protecting the kids.  We always had a saying in that town that if you ever wanted to get away with murder or anything, just do it in that town because the judges will let you off.
    Keep up all the good work you are doing.  I always enjoy reading your site.  And very sorry to hear about your friend\'s house.  Glad to hear everyone was safe.  Some things can be replaced, but people can not.

  5. CRAP, could you PLEASE delete that last comment...I did the link wrong...Thanks!!