Monday, March 6, 2006

Meth use in Idaho

Found this rather interesting.



Idaho Ranks top in the Nation for Meth Treatment

By Betsy Lambert


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Idaho Falls -

Recent reports have shown that Idaho is in the nations top percentage rating when it comes to meth treatment and Eastern Idaho suffers from the affects of meth as well. I went into the streets today and uncovered the truth about the meth problem in our community and what can be done to make it better. This is Addictions Rehabilitation Association incorporated.The people who live here are recovering from Alcohol or drugs.People like Nathan Summers, who started using meth when he was 14 and has been clean now for 10 months. He says he never thought his life would turn out this way... " I thought that I would be in prison by now but I got the chance to go through rehabilitation and I'm making the most of this situation."

-Nathan Summers Nathan says that meth is a problem in our communities especially the area that he grew up in."This area in Idaho Falls is known by addicts as midget market, even through police are trying to crack down on this area, users say that there is still a major meth problem."People like John Gaskill are doing everything they can to help the problem.His rehabilitation center is full with an extensive waiting list. He believes "once these people get over their addiction, their criminal behavior will also go away."

-john GaskillUsers say this is not a drug to play around with..."once you get started it will ruin your life."

If you are in need of substance abuse help you can call business psychology association 1-800-922-3606 or the director of the rehab facility himself at (208) 522-6012.


  1. Working for a substance abuse rehab, I have seen more than my fair
    share of addicts whose drug of choice was meth.  I took a class
    from the Georgia Bureau of  Investigations about meth and the
    manufacturing of meth.  It was for Firefighters and EMT\'s so I was
    there to learn.  After seeing how this garbage is made and what
    goes in it,  I\'m baffled as to why people would put this crap in
    their bodies.   I\'m still shocked at the fact of how rampant
    drugs are in our society.  Times really have changed, haven\'t
    they?   Stay safe and take care!

  2. good article, Mad dog.  I think its time that our muncipalitiy administrators stop denying the fact that meth is so rampent!

  3. Thanks for doin\' that for me.  I am good with conflict, but I try to avoid sucking others in if at all possible. 
    My roommate had great thoughts on the articles.  I wish you could have heard the conversation you sparked.  We both ended up learning quite a bit from one another.  She told me her perspectives on the impact on families.  I shared with her my perspective of the impact on prisons and the evolution of crime.
    Geez, no wonder why we\'re still single.  : )