Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring brings out the best

            It has been one of those weeks. Seems that spring has finally decided to peek out from behind the slick roads, and snow covered fields. I’m very excited for spring, or should I say I’m excited for ATV season. J

            There is a problem with warmer weather though. I have found it out this week; seem criminals like the warm weather too. We have been very busy for the last 4 days. DUI’s, brutal batteries, pursuits, house fires, and much more. Oh and I forgot underage alcohol. The kids are getting spring fever as well, and that brings the drinking parties.

            We had another Taser class this week for those in our departments that couldn’t get to the last class. I plan on making another video of that when I get the video footage. I will get it on my site, as long as everyone involved is willing.


  1. My service finally ordered a Taser and we\'ll be getting it in a few weeks!!  I\'ll see if I can get a video for you....
    MadDog email me

  2. ATV season? Hah! Forget that, motorcycles so beat ATVs. LOL

  3. Mike, I know I hate this time of year because it\'s time for the
    Motorcross Enduro.  It\'s been a busy week around the county here
    as well.  Folks are starting to get strange again.  LOL 
    Take care!

  4. ATV season? Hah! Forget that, motorcycles so beat ATVs. LOL
    What, sounds like someone who hasn\'t tried an ATV... :)

  5. Hey there!  Was beginning to wonder about you!  Thanks for that comment.  Sometimes I can keep it distanced and other times not so much.  This weekend it was the \'not so much.\'  I\'ll tell you what happened with him but not right now.  Two of the officers are under indictment now, and when you hear the story, I think you\'ll agree, "Thank God".  Unfortunately, it was not a shooting or something that is, for lack of a better term, expected at times.  And Matt was not able to get control, also part of the problem.
    You are totally right about the weather.  It is so strange to watch and is actually noticeable to laymen like me that the crime rate multiplies as soon as the weather warms up.  Sick enough to say, but in a sense it is better for us, your clientel.  At least when our windows get broken out we don\'t have to worry about the rain, too.
    I found two officers and an officer and his wife\'s pages over the weekend.  They let me link their pages, I actually asked permission from them, I should have asked you too.  Thanks for not getting upset about that.  You should check them out if you haven\'t seen them already.  I think you might like them.

  6. <<<What, sounds like someone who hasn\'t tried an ATV... :)>>>
    Ah, but that would require knowing how to drive. Plus, I can always find a hot guy with a bike and an open backseat whenever I want a ride. ;)

  7. Yes, the taser is one great tool for us good guys.  The suck thing is that I am finding they work too well.  Word has gotten out, about how much they hurt, so most bad guys give up when they see a taser officer arrive.  I just point the little red dot at\'em and they follow instructions.  <laughing>  Seriously, that is a good thing, because it\'s cutting down on the number of officers injured (ok, bad guys too).  My last three foot pursuits ended with taser darts being shot into the bad guys back.  You ever see what happens when a bad guy gets hit with those things in the back, while running?  Their momentum carried them like a surfboard.  Ouch!  <shrug>  If you do the crime, do the time.  Pain and all.
    Idaho huh?  Any chance you\'ve ever heard the name Kappel?

  8. Yea I think I know him, That of course if it\'s the right one. Does he work for Pocatello.