Thursday, March 2, 2006

Busy week

     It has been a busy week at work. We arrested several people. Had one couple fighting in a parking lot that we were lucky enough to catch. A fellow deputy was keen enough to make a traffic stop on the right vehicle after they had fled the scene of the fight, that resulted in one taken to jail, and one cited and released. I found a stolen vehicle that same night. The vehicle had been stolen out of a county near us, and then taken to our county. Whoever stole it tried to drive it into a river, however it got stuck on some steel beams and didn't make it all the way in. (lucky for the owner).

     We also arrested a young man for forgery, he took his fathers check book and started forging his name. The kid wasn't too smart though, mom and dad found out about it pretty quick. I also had a burglary of car stereo equipment. Many sub woofers and amps. The criminal broke into their home and into their cars to steal all the stuff. The victims are convinced it's a certain individual, but unfortunately it's not what we know it's what we can prove. That one is still under investigation, and I'm pretty sure we will catch the suspect. Part of the problem on this one is the victims are trying to take things into their own hands, and have been going to this guys house and threatening to beat him up. I think the victims are going to find themselves in jail before this other guy does at this rate.  


Hope you like the little video above, Ii just found that on the internet. I guess it's a stolen jeep that was running. He ran into a bank of all things.


  1. Some criminals are so stupid they need an education just to become
    criminals. LOL  Sounds like you\'ve had an interesting week. 
    Take care!

  2. OK, I can\'t get the video to work, it\'ll say Ready and then when I hit play, it will keep flashing connecting to media for about 3 times and then go back to Ready. I don\'t know if anyone else is having this problem or it\'s just me.

  3. Wow, quite the crime spree!  I hope that\'s unusual.

  4. ...then when it got to the end of the video I realized you meant he actually ran into the bank.  Good times.
    Variety is the spice of life.  Property crimes seasoned with a pinch of violent crime.  BAM!

  5. It should work Wendy, I\'m using free hosting site, so it\'s not the most reliable, but It has worked most of the time for me.