Thursday, August 11, 2016

Area: Leavenworth, KS
Companion: Elder Staheli
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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050
This week has been full of miracles and has been fun and has kinda thrown us out of our regular schedule. Monday we had an awesome lesson with Jeffery. We had a 2 week standing appointment with him that actually held! He was away at school and we felt like we needed to leave him with him a reading assignment from the gospel of John and he did it. He has been struggling with some stuff and found some pretty awesome scriptures in John that helped him. He said he has prayed about it and that he feels like this is the path he should take. So we are super excited to work with him hopefully things work out well.

Tuesday we were studying in our service clothes because we go do service on Tuesdays at an assisted living place. And we hear this knock on the door and it is a member of the ward that has been in the
process of moving out of our ward into the Leavenworth 1st ward. So he asked us if we had the 1st ward Elders phone number so that they could help him move. So we offered to help and he accepted. So that was a good blessing, we just happened to be free and wearing service clothes at the specific time that he needed help moving stuff.

Wednesday we did service for the Freemans. We helped reclaim their fence which was completely taken over by trees and vines. It was cool and fun. I saw most definitely the biggest spider this side of the Missouri River. I am proud to say I actually somewhat held my composure as I ran away. Later that day we had a lesson with Harlan at the Freeman's house. He is still doing amazing and is on track for the 20th of August. Harlan offered to help Bro. Freeman and so we all came on Thursday morning and did the same thing. Although apparently the mosquitoes are a lot worse at 8:00 than at10:00 because the first day I got like one bite. The next day I had over 30 on my legs. So that will be fun... But Harlan really enjoyed it and we got some good work done.

Friday we had dinner with the Hall family and they said that they had some extra bikes that they could loan us if we needed. We found a bike in our apartment building and we were pretty sure it was a missionary bike, but we only had one so we couldn't ever use it. So when the Halls offered one we took the offer and I now feel like I have accomplished the full missionary look. Short sleeve white shirt with a a shoulder bag strapped to my waist, a sweet bike helmet that has a visor on it, and my pants tucked into my sock. It was basically the best day of my life.  That really was such a huge blessing though, it makes traveling so much faster and we can visit a lot more people now.

Saturday we helped a member move a ton of stuff into a tiny storage unit, which was interesting. But we actually fit it all in there... Somehow. I wish I had a picture because it was a lot of stuff and we
had to use all of our engineering and Tetris skills to get it in there.

This week has been fun and has seemed to flown by. Thank you for all the support, you guys are the best!

Elder Jensen

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