Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
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This week has gone by super fast.  Monday was cool. We had been asked if we could help move a piano into a house earlier in the day, but we couldn't because we had other things scheduled and we just weren't able to do it. Well later that night we were coming home from dinner and we drove past their house. I had the feeling that we should stop by. So we parked the car and walked to their house and when we got there they were unloading a trailer with big cabinets. So we helped them with that and turns out that they weren't actually able to move the piano earlier and were just about to leave to pick it up. So it was perfect timing. We helped them pick up a piano, an engine and a really heavy dresser.

Wednesday we helped the Barnett family stain their deck, which is a  really big deck. We worked for about 4 hours and still weren't finished so we went back Thursday morning and helped again. It is nice to have a change in your schedule.

Then Thursday afternoon we went on exchanges so I went up to Parkville with Elder Reber. Elder Reber is a brand new missionary who was in charge of his area for the first time so it was kinda fun. We tried all day but it seemed like no one was answering the door, then as we were walking up to this one house I saw the blinds move and I just kinda laughed to myself, because it's usually little kids that do that and I thinks it's funny. But as we walk up to the door these three teenage girls opened the door and greeted us before we got to it. It was funny, it seemed like they were more interested in Elder Reber than the message he had to share. But we did get to sit down with them and we had a short but powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon, it was cool.

On Sunday two investigators came to church which was Awesome! Then we had a lesson with Harlan later that night and he is still doing good with the lessons and is starting to share what he has learned at work. He is super cool.

Those were most of the highlights this week. Thank you all for the support. You guys are awesome.

 Elder Jensen

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