Sunday, August 28, 2016

Area: Leavenworth, KS
Companion: Elder Staheli

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050

So this week has had some awesome moments. Tuesday, we were going to try a potential and we parked in front of a less actives house. We had knocked on their door like 2 weeks earlier and we had woken him up and he said that they were all sick and that it just was not a good time. So I said before we go try this potential why don't we knock on this LAs house to see if they are better yet. So we did and they let us in and we met his non-member wife and their two little girls and we had a lesson with them. It was awesome, we showed this video called Reclaimed which takes place in Idaho Falls and is about the atonement. The husband is not really interested in coming back right now but likes having us over. We invited them to a ward party on Saturday and the wife was able to make it! It was awesome.

Wednesday we were doing service for a family and it only ended up taking like 20 minutes. So before we got changed back into proselytizing clothes we called a sister whose husband is deployed in the Middle East to see if there was anything we could do for her. She actually did need some help and didn't know who to call. So we went over and moved some furniture while she stood outside the door and gave direction from across the house. Then we dug a hole for her.

Thursday and Friday we had some awesome appointments with Herbert and a recent convert named Hillary. I snagged some sweet pictures of Herbert I will try to send. Also I guess back in the day Herbert was a solo singer and he shared some of his CDs with us and so I took a video hopefully it will send as well.


Saturday Harlan Got Baptized!! It was awesome and he asked me to do it! He had a ton of family who was there and were an awesome support. We found out that a couple members of his family are members of the church in our ward, so that's awesome. 



There was also a Ward Primary / Elders quorum cook off party that was a ton of fun and actually quite a few non- members showed up. I made a clown hat.


Sunday Elder Staheli confirmed Harlan so that was super cool and I gave a talk on prayer. I can send pictures of my notes if people want them just let me know. It was kinda weird though I really felt like I needed to share a story about my cousin Markus when we were tubing. It was the same one I shared at my farewell talk. And right at the end I kinda looked around and saw that people were crying, and I thought "oh no why are all these people crying?" And then I realized that I was getting very emotional and it was strange, I was not expecting that result out of that story. But it was hopefully good.

This week was very stressful but really awesome as well. Thank you all for the support and keep it up!

Make it a good one.
Elder Jensen

He was happy to run into Elder Hansen (his trainer) at the mission office this week. Elder Hansen completes his mission on Thursday and will return home to Utah.




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